The 2098 Great North American Quake, also known as The Quake that tore The US apart, was a Rift Spawning Quake that, Quite Literally, Tore North America Apart, Completely Altering it.


The EventEdit

A quake of magnitude 11.0 tore the US continent apart, creating Texas and Oklahoma sized land masses.

This also created new volcanoes and caused the Yellowstone caldera to erupt worse than it ever had before.

Florida added on 65 miles to it. New York state was its own island, which was now 60 miles out in the Atlantic. Bermuda grew by 27 miles.

Lake Michigan was now the size of the gulf of Mexico. but still had land on all sides and after this, it would start getting hurricanes formed over it. Indiana had its own coast line due to the increase of lake Michigan's size. California would be elevated by 195 feet.

Mount st Helens would be 1,100 feet taller than it was when it erupted in 1980. Louisiana would grow by 95 miles but Alaska would be completely underwater.

And the Bahamas would grow by 55 miles.