May 2015 Indiana Quake


17 seconds

When it started

4:29:53 PM (EDT)

When It Ended

4:30:10 PM (EDT)

Richter Scale Rating

6.0 (Followed by Aftershocks of up to 5.1)

Epicenter Latitude

40.0 N

Epicenter Longitude

86.3 W


7 miles

Place(s) impacted

Indianapolis, IN and other parts of Indiana

Damage Caused

$100 million (2014 USD)

Casualties Caused

17 Killed, 65 injured

The May 2015 Indiana Quake was a devastating 6.0 Magnitude quake that shook Wisconsin and a portion of the Midwest on the late Afternoon hours of May 26th, 2015.


The EventEdit


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