At 4:18 PM, the costliest and deadliest earthquake in modern history and ever recorded strck Istanbul, Turkey. For years, scientists had always warned that Istanbul was prone for a massive earthquake, and they listened. However, they did not realize how powerful the earthquake would be. The earthquake killed up to 800,000 people, andcaused $409 billion in damages (2016 USD), making it the dealiest and costliest earthquake ever and costliest event in history. Having it's epicenter just 3 miles off the coast of Istanbul, it caused a tsunami that wiped out the coast of Turkay, and measured 64 feet. It crossed into the Black Sea and did damage to the coastal areas there, with a wave measuring 53 feet at Turkey's northern coast. The tsunami taveled across the Mediterranean. In Spain, the wave was 6 feet. In all, the Mediterranean, Red, and Black Sea all sustained major to minor damage.