The 2034 New Madrid earthquake was an aftershock of the 2033 New Madrid earthquake, which caused extreme damages in the immediate areas surrounding the area hit by the aftershock, just 0.1 miles from the 8.4 mainshock less than 2 weeks earlier, adding to the havoc already caused. As many people were living in shelters still, the aftershock was therefore worse than the main earthquake, causing more deaths, injuries and damages than the initial shockwave on December 16, 2033. This aftershock was the most powerful recorded from the earthquake the previous year. The aftershock caused $433 billion in damages, destroying many of the buildings that were damaged but didn't collapse during the main earthquake a few weeks earlier. 1562 people died, 18,241 were injured, and damages reached $433 billion, taking the title as the costliest natural disaster ever recorded to date.