2027 Ohio earthquake
Earthquake Damage (10)

Damage from the extreme shaking.
Date and time July 11, 2027 @ 1551 EST
Type Megathrust
Duration and magnitude 11 minutes 5 seconds @ magnitude 10.6
Epicenter and depth 165 km
Shaking intensity XII
Foreshocks and aftershocks 47 foreshocks, 33,981 aftershocks
Damages and fatalities $250 billion damages, 19,867 deaths, 52,969 injuries
Areas affected Ohio

This was the worst earthquake to strike Ohio in recorded history. The earthquake caused catastrophic damage to a widespread area of Ohio. The magnitude 10.6 earthquake also killed over 19,000 people. It also was so strong in changed the shape of Lake Erie. After it was all said and done it caused $250 billion in damages.