2026 Cascadia earthquake
[[File:Earthquake Damage (5)|235px|center|Damage from the severe shaking]]
Damage from the severe shaking
Date and time July 29, 2026 @ 1712 PDT
Type Megathrust
Duration and magnitude 9 minutes 2 seconds @ magnitude 9.3
Epicenter and depth Central Cascadia subduction zone at 170 km
Shaking intensity XI
Foreshocks and aftershocks 21 foreshocks, 21,212 aftershocks
Damages and fatalities $245 billion damages, 12,209 deaths, 42,917 injuries
Areas affected Pacific rim

The 2026 Cascadia eearthquake was a return of the destructive force of the Cascadia subduction zone. Violent earthquakes occur her every 243 years on average, and are usually above magnitude 8 on the moment magnitude scale. The earthquake was magnitude 9.3, lasting for 9 minutes 2 seconds, and rupturing the full 955 miles of the fault, causing $245 billion in damages as a result.