The 2021 Great Midwest Quake was a Devastating Quake that the Midwest of North America, and was Considered one of the Worst Earthquakes to Ever Strike the Continent.


North America has been known for it's Geographic Changes, Tectonics and Powerful Earthquakes.

Two Faults in North America have been Notorious for causing Massive Quakes: San Andreas and New Madrid.

As Well, an Ancient Rift/Waterway laid within the Midwest that existed Millions of Years Before.

The EventEdit

  • At First, the Quake received a rating of 10.0, but was dropped slightly in Post-Analysis
  • Near Total Building Collapses were Observed within 190 miles of the New Rift

The US was split down the middle and was moved a good 25 miles. but was still called North America because of a little bit of land in the middle of where the split is, the waters of the gulf now filled the new split.