2019 Japan earthquake
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Date and time March 3, 2019; 4:02-4:07AM
Type Earthquake
Duration and magnitude 5 minutes, 9.1
Epicenter and depth About 75 miles southeast of Tokyo, 22 miles
Shaking intensity V - Very Severe
Foreshocks and aftershocks 2018 Osaka earthquake (Foreshock), over 15,000 aftershocks, continuing into 2025
Damages and fatalities $13,465,000,000 (USD 2018), over 500 dead, thousands missing and about 10,000 misplaced
Areas affected Japan; Russia; Taiwan; South Korea; North Korea; China; Vietnam; Philippines; United States; Canada and Mexico
the 2019 Japan earthquake was a magnitude 9.1 megathrust earthquake that struck off the coast of Honshu Island, the main island of Japan, early on the morning of March 3, 2019. The earthquake was equal in severity to that of the Great Japan Earthquake of 2011, The earthquake started at about 4:02AM local time when the plates shifted, about 5 seconds later the Japan Meteorological Agency detected a P-Wave and noticed a massive ridge off the coast of Tokyo, they then issued a Early Earthquake Warning for the entirety of Japan, with shaking expected to impact all of Japan, the Kurls, some of the eastern part of the Korean peninsula, and Taiwan. Shaking began just seconds later as their top meteorologists took cover, Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe took action immediately as alarms and his phone went off for "A major earthquake reported off the coast of Japan that could be more severe than that of the 2011 earthquakes." Thousands of people (about 9,500 to be exact) could not find shelter in time or slept through the message. NHK interrupted normal programming at 4:03AM when 6 lower shaking began in Fukushima Prefecture. By 4:04AM, all of Honshu Island was in a 7 shaking zone while the rest of Japan was in a 6 upper zone. The earthquake reached it's peak of M9.1 at 4:05AM, which it held for a minute until 4:06AM, when shaking weakened to about a M7.5, by 4:08AM, the final shaking ended. However, the nightmare was far from over. The entire coastline of Japan in all directions was put under a Major Tsunami Warning by the JMA at 4:10AM, the first wave, which was about 10 feet high, impacted off the coast of Tokyo around 4:13AM, before the second and third waves impacted. A much larger 15 foot wave also was pushing east towards Hawaii and the United States west coast. Hawaii was put under a Tsunami Warning around 4:25AM, followed by the Alaskan coastline at 4:28AM, Canadian west coast around 4:30AM, US west coast around 4:34AM and the Mexican west coast around 4:35AM (note: The issuance times will not be in their local times to prevent confusion). The Taiwanese and Korean coasts were also put under Tsunami Warnings around 4:40AM, and so did China around 4:45AM, about 400 of the 500 dead were killed by the tsunami's...most in the US, and Taiwan. A foreshock of the quake actually struck in June 2018, the 2018 Osaka which 3 were killed.