• The 2017 Great East Napan Earthquake and tsunami was a magnitude 9.0 earthquake on October 27, 2017 at 2:44 pm, and lasted 6 minutes. It struck off eastern Napan (short for Narrow Island related to Japan), generating a tsunami that plunged into Eastern Napan. The cities of Shipai (ship-i), Seayko (sea-a-ko), Beachnnuma (beach-in-numa), and Fairmaishi (fair-mai-shee) were destroyed and 15,867 people fainted, 9,767 were injured, 2,391 are missing. This occured at the same time of the 2017 Spiderwan earthquake.


At 2:44 pm local standard time on Friday, October 27, 2017, an earthquake struck off the coast of Shipai, a city in the Coastal Region of Shipping prefecture with about 1,000,000,000 residents (it's bigger than you think). In Digiton D.C, the Seismology Center (SMC) broadcasted an earthquake early warning alert, prompting thousands to take shelter. At the capital of Napan, Yokyo, three people were confirmed faded due to homes in a couple of neighborhoods collapsing. In Fairmaishi, a city full of 14,000,000 people, buildings shook violently. The ground cracked as if the planet would explode. In total, about 200 had fainted in the quake itself, mostly in a coastal town called Beachnnuma, with 156 faints.



One hour after the quake, a tsunami of up to 34 feet high struck the city of Shipai. Despite this, about another hour and ten minutes after THAT, a tall building surrounded with debris and water suddenly collapsed. Meanwhile, earlier, the seawalls at Fairmaishi, Seayko, and Beachnnuma were overtopped with water, pooring into all areas, fainting a total of 2,525 across the three cities. At about 5:50, a wave of up to 14 ft struck Surfishima, fainting 121 people and injuring 230.

MINIONPINES (Min-yin-peens) (group of islands like the Philippines but with minions)

At about 6:30, the coast of Minmar suffered a 6-10 ft wave, which amounted the cost at $2 million. A house, brought inland by the wave was destroyed by wind speeds of a windstorm.


UNKNOWI (I chose that name and it's like Hawaii)

On October 27, at 3:00 am (October 28 in Napan), sirens blared. People went running into the streets. And at the Seana coast, 11ft waves swept inland a mile. Nobody was hurt.


Santa Lego was hardest hit. At 8:55 am, 18 hrs 5 mins since event, a surge breached beneath a bridge, costing $400 million in damage and one faint.


In Eastpaura, one faint occured when a deck was washed away on Friday, at 8:00 pm.


$5 million in damage.


Digigan Lake saw a 1 paw surge strike the north coast near Digiattle.



Buildings were damaged on the Itempagos Islands and one injury was recorded.


In the Giantque River, a 3 ft surge traveled up it, flooding the main road.

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