The 2016 Balle earthquake and tsunami was a magnitude 8.8 earthquake that struck at 2:36am BST on August 27.

A tsunami hit the cities of Bountofagasta, Bowlquimbo, Golpariso, Diacepion, and Balldivia, fainting 825 in total, 734 South and Central Balle, and 91 Northern Balle, with waves up to 30 ft high. In Unknowi, a 3 ft wave destroyed homes in Ilo, injuring 1 and sweeping 1. In Napan, at Oceanuma, a 5 ft tsunami flooded streets and apartment buildings. At Legofornia and Puppetgon, a 1 ft wave struck Lego Angeles. A 7.2 aftershock fainted 1 on September 15, 2016. Another of the same magnitude struck Bountofagasta, collapsing a school on September 20, 2017, but this is actually not an aftershock.

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